Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A small WW victory

Hi everyone,

Life has been pretty hectic this spring, so I haven't been doing much blogging. But I finally have a moment to clear my head, so I'd like to share.

In WW news, I weighed in today and got some good news: a loss!

Weight: 140.6 pounds
Pounds lost (since last blog post): -1.4
Total pounds lost: 21.4 pounds
Pounds to lose: 15.6 pounds

As has been the pattern in the past, as soon as I get to a milestone, in the weeks that follow it is difficult for me to maintain the progress. It happened at my 5%, 10 lbs, 10%, etc. So it was no surprise to me that once I got to 20 pounds, I went up and down quite a bit. Today was the first time I made it past that mark, so I am really happy about that.

I've been really consumed with work and school lately. With school, I had a pretty big decision to wrestle with. I had made plans to do my internship this fall, but due to the course offerings over the summer, it looked like I would be unable to complete all my course requirements (last two classes) in order to do my internship in the fall. At first I was a little upset, because I had already made mental plans and preparations for this to happen. I was looking forward to the prospect of being done. But in reality, this way is better for me. It means I can stay at my job longer, and finish out the year, which would help them. Also, finishing in the spring may be a better way to get a job. So after some unrest, I just went with it. So the plan now is to stick around Tuscaloosa until August 2014 and then move on down home to Fairhope.

Something big on the horizon is that my sister is moving to Portland, Oregon with her husband. This is a pretty significant move. We've never lived more than a few hours apart from each other, and I know I will miss her. But I also know that this could be a great opportunity for both of them. I've also agreed to help them move there next month - which means a 4 day road trip there and a 9 hour plane ride back. What have I gotten myself into?!

In general, life is going pretty well. The weather is nice again, and who knows - maybe I'll wear a bathing suit this summer?