Thursday, August 1, 2013

So I missed July completely...whoops?

Another entire month went by, and it appears that yest again, I am starting this post with some not-so-awesome WW news.

Weight: 140.8 pounds
Pounds gained (since last blog post): +.2
Total pounds lost: 21 pounds
Pounds to lose: 16 pounds

Although it is only up .2, that means in an entire month, all I have done is go up and down and up and down all to get back to being up again. WW has not been a big priority for me, and it shows. There were a few weeks lately when I got my ActiveLink weekly progress email it said something to the effect of "not enough activity was recorded to provide a report." And that is not good. Some of that is related to forgetting to wear the thing, but most of it is related to consistently under performing on my activity goal. Sigh.

This is usually the part where I insert some positive statement and say something about getting back on track, but the truth is, all I'm feeling right now is burned out. And tired. And unmotivated. And I suppose all of that is part of the process. I just have to remind myself that I still have made progress, and that is something to be proud of.

In other news, we have moved to a new rental place in Tuscaloosa. It will be our last dwelling here before the BIG MOVE next summer back down to Fairhope. The place is still not unpacked (we only got in this past weekend) and I feel like there is a mountain of stuff to do to make it livable. I would rather take a nap.

Until next time....