Friday, October 26, 2012

Back, and just in TIME (warp)!

So I have, regrettably, fallen off the face of the planet for a few weeks, but for good reason! I have been so busy with real life that virtual life didn't make it into my priority list. But Hurrah!- I am here to update you anyway.

First: I am knee deep in my methods block this semester, and I have been teaching at Northridge High School about 3 days a week. I am learning SO MUCH about what it is really like to be a teacher. I have the same feeling I did about making the transition from a college newspaper to a real-life newspaper. You just can't know what your strengths/weaknesses are until you get thrown out there on your own. So far it has been a great experience, and both my supervising teacher and my professor have given me lots of good feedback. Also, looks like I will be done with school a semester early (out of necessity - grad school is expensive!) and should be an official certified teacher by December 2013. Whoop whoop!

Second: My big sister got married! Even though there was quite a bit of last minute, behind-the-scenes work going on, her wedding ended up being quite a success. Everything worked out, lots of people came to see them on their special day, which means I got to see them too!

I need to take a moment to brag on the photographer Katie used, because she did such an amazing job:

Isn't she the prettiest?
So if you ever happen to be in the market for a great photographer, please check out Camille Moenkhaus, the photographer behind You won't be disappointed!

Third: It's almost Halloween, and around these parts that means it's Rocky Horror Picture Show time! This will be the FOURTH year Jennings and I have been a part of the Pink Box Burlesque's shadowcast, and this is our second year to be "Head Transylvanians." I am excited about the show this year, because I have done a little bit of a re-do of my costume. I will actually be dressing up like a specific Transylvanian from the show instead of just a random Transylvanian, as in year's past. So if you are in Tuscaloosa and are not going to the Mississippi State game, join us:

2012 Shadowcast Photo by Robert Sutton

And last, but not least..The WW story.

Well, the story is that I have fallen off the wagon a bit with WW. I have been going to meetings, but have not tracked in about 2-3 weeks - which is not good! I have gained just a bit, and will share the ugly details sometime in another post. But I am not giving up - just giving myself a chance to do better. Normally I would give myself such a guilt trip over this, but the fact that I have still lost 14-16 pounds is enough to let me lighten up on myself a bit. This is just a little bump in the road, and tomorrow is always an opportunity to do better. =)

Monday, October 8, 2012

The Color Run!

Hi everyone,

As promised, here are photos from The Color Run this past Saturday in Tuscaloosa. If any of you are looking to take the leap to doing a 5k, this one is definitely the one to start with. Dubbed "the happiest 5k on earth," the race was less about what your time was and more about having a good time. Originally I was slated to be on the Pink Box Burlesque team, but unfortunately several of the members had to drop out because they got food poisoning - yuck! (They are all ok now, fortunately.) But we still ended up having a pretty good group.

Here is "before" shot - all clean and white and pretty:

Then, 5k later, and "colorfied":

Here's some more of the group we ran with:

At the end of the race, everyone gets their own color packet and throws them up in the air together in a big cloud of color. They did it a few times for the late stragglers. This was probably my favorite part:

So that's how I spent my Saturday this weekend, how did your spend yours?

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Speed bump

So I am a little sad to report that for the first time in nine weeks, I gained instead of lost. It was only a small gain, but that was all I needed to see that I had not been really sticking to my WW plan. here are the (regrettable) numbers:

Weight: 147.8 pounds
Pounds lost this week: +1.4
Total pounds lost: 14.2 pounds
Pounds to lose: 22.8 pounds

Also, due to my incredibly hectic work and school schedule this semester,I have decided to take a hiatus from karate. I am a little sad about this, because I was just about to test for my brown belt (it would have been today, actually). But, if I did not make any changes, I was headed toward a mental break down for sure.

So the only thing I can try harder. People always use the expression "one day at a time," and I would always just sort of nod and go on about life, but I am one of those people who is totally guilty of getting bogged down in either the past or planning for the future. So I am trying to do this one day at a time. Most days that's all I have the energy for.

Tomorrow is another weigh-in. I have switched to Thursdays, and I still don't really know how I feel about having the weekend all at the beginning of my week. I think I was more successful with it at the end of the week. But this is how things will be for now.

Also, Saturday, I am doing a 5k, called the Color Run. Have you heard of these? I think it will be really fun: Hopefully I'll get some cool pictures to share =)