Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I've lost 10 pounds!

So I weighed in today after missing last night's meeting. It was such a yucky day at work that I drove straight home and completely FORGOT about the meeting. Yea, it was one of those days. The nice thing about WW is that even though I missed the meeting, when I weighed in today my leader was so nice and just wanted to know how I was. No judgement. Just positive support. So here are the numbers:

Weight: 151.5 pounds
Pounds lost this week: -1.6
Total pounds lost: 10.6 pounds
Pounds to lose: 31.4 pounds

I have to say I was totally shocked. I had some struggles this week because of stress, and there were some times where I made pretty bad food choices. I guess the only thing that kept me on track was the fact that I kept up on my exercise. It was the last week of Summer Slimdown, I went to karate, and helped a friend move over the weekend. Another great thing about WW is you can get activity points for any kind of activity you do - even moving! I know it is not structured exercise, but it does take effort - so i counted it! As soon as I get my final results from the Summer Slimdown, I'm going to post them here, too.

So it has been about 13 weeks, and I am pretty positive I am going to stick with it. Now my next goal (in addition to continuing my own weight loss) is to get my sister to join with me. We've talked about it several times, but she hasn't quite committed to trying it. I know she's busy, and I can totally relate! But i just want her to experience the success that I have. I know she can do it! So, you know what this means - I'm coming for you next, Katie!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A good loss

After last week's gain, I really wanted to get back on track. And while I did not make the absolute BEST food choices, I still managed to lose:

Weight: 153 pounds
Pounds lost this week: -1
Total pounds lost: 9 pounds
Pounds to lose: 33 pounds

I think the biggest part of the loss was all the activity I did. I continued the Summer Slimdown, did karate twice, and we spent the weekend at a karate camp in Tennessee. Here are some pictures from the Facebook page:

This is my dojo during the morning workout. I am the short one third from the back =)

Here is me during a seminar on self defense.

This is during the speed breaking competition.

I got first place!

So it ended up being a good weekend. I learned a lot about karate, and it was also a special weekend, because Jennings and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary. Hard to believe five years ago, this is what we were up to:

Here's to 5 more years! =)

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A small gain...and I still need a vacation.

So after all my talk last week, I really fell off the wagon Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Most of it was related to stress with work and school, so there was a slight increase in my numbers:

Weight: 154 pounds
Pounds lost this week: +.4
Total pounds lost: 8 pounds
Pounds to lose: 34 pounds

But all I can do is try to get back on track. I went to my meeting, and even suffered through a workout at lunch. I'm going to try to eat better too. So we'll see how that goes....

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A small loss and ...I need a vacation!

So yesterday was another weigh-in, so you lucky readers out there get to see another set of numbers that probably only matter to me - sorry!

Weight: 153.6 pounds
Pounds lost this week: -.2
Total pounds lost: 8.4 pounds
Pounds to lose: 33.6 pounds

So I only lost .2 pounds, but that is still a loss. I think there are a few factors at play. For one, I made some bad food choices toward the end of the week, i.e. FIVE GUYS. I have been telling myself the whole time I've been on Weight Watchers that I just shouldn't go there. There are too many points in the foods there, and is it really worth it? I have been able to stave off any cravings, but on Friday, that just didn't happen. We got Five Guys for dinner. I did make some modifications, such as no cheese no bacon on my hamburger (even though I love both of those things) and only ate about half the fries I normally would. But even with the sensible changes, afterward I still felt like I had let myself down. I thought that it would be so satisfying to eat that hamburger.

But here's the truth: It wasn't.

So here I am, nearly nine weeks in and I'm still learning about my food habits. It's still amazing to me how food can still have a hold over me. I know this is something I will always struggle with.

The other factor at play is that fact that there was no karate last week. Tuesday was the day before Fourth of July, and their office let out early, so class was cancelled. Also Thursday, only three of us showed up, which is not much of a class, so again, class cancelled. I only went to the workout once last week because Tuesday I had a work meeting during the workout time and I hadn't woken up early enough to go to the 6 am session.

I'm hoping to go back to being active this week and see some real progress. I notice that when I plan foods and just eat within my point limits, I tend to get more done both at work and with school. I think if I don't do those things, there is just always this underlying stress going on and it affects my ability to do good work.

So what challenges do you face when it comes to food/diet?

Monday, July 9, 2012

Yes, I'm still alive - just been a little busy!

Hi everyone,

Sorry to break my streak of posting every week, but as usual life got in the way! Between summer classes and several things going on at work, blogging has fallen kind of low on the totem pole. I'm going to try to remedy that soon.

First things first, some good news to report on the weight loss front! Since I last posted, I have continued to lose weight. Here are the numbers:

Weight: 153.8 pounds
Pounds lost (two weeks): -1.6
Total pounds lost: 8.2 pounds
Pounds to lose: 33.8 pounds

I have continued to track all of my food and I have increased my activity level. The Summer Slimdown program at the gym and also an intense karate testing have really helped me keep on track. There are only 4 more weeks of the Summer Slimdown, so I am going to try to focus on getting in some more gym time while I still have access to the Rec Center.

Also, I reached my 5 percent goal in Weight Watchers. This is pretty cool, because it represents a benchmark in weight loss. Doctors say if you lose 5 percent of your body weight, you already reduce your risk of health problems - and that is what this whole journey has been about! So because I reached this goal, I have started to reflect on some changes over the last 8 or so weeks. Most of them are small, and only things I would notice, but I am incredibly proud of the fact that there are any changes at all. As I have mentioned before, I have tried plenty of things to lose weight, but could never stick with anything. And I have stuck with this for over 8 weeks! I even went into Old Navy over the weekend to try on some shorts just to see if my size had changed any. I am happy to report that I dropped two sizes! =)

So anyway, for all of you out there who are on a weight loss journey, or even on a personal journey, just stick with it. If you do, you can expect to see some results!

Over and out.