Wednesday, May 8, 2013

It's May! Hooray!

 So this week, I decided to experiment a little. Since I started WW, I have found myself drinking more diet soda than I ever did before. I think I was lured in by the fact that diet sodas are 0 points each. Although they are no points, all the sugar, sodium, etc. in them has been shown to make some people retain water. And let's be honest, it's probably not okay to put the same chemicals in your body that can take the rust off of metal. So I decided to forgo them this week in favor of water. And even though I was not a diligent tracker, I did lose weight!

Weight: 139.6 pounds
Pounds lost (since last blog post): -1.0
Total pounds lost: 22.4 pounds
Pounds to lose: 14.6 pounds

One of the big things they have been talking about for the last month is about activity. I know that I could stand to do a little more activity than I have been. I just don't make it a priority. So to jump start this, I got myself an ActiveLink, which is a WW activity monitor that will help me track my activity throughout the day. I think it will encourage me to be more aware and more diligent about activity. And ultimately, I hope it will show up on the scale. I've got less than 15 pounds to go, and I'd like to do that by December!

Finally, school is over for the semester. I came out with two A's. I get a whole summer with no classes - the first time since Fall 2009. I am not going to know what to do with myself! oh who am I kidding...I am my father's daughter, so I'm sure I will take on some projects in the meantime. =)