Monday, August 29, 2011

Another end of the month post - with pictures!

Once again, an entire month has about passed us by and I am feeling the need to collect my thoughts and share them with internet wasteland.

So August was the beginning of a new chapter in our lives. We finally moved into our new place and became settled for the first time since the storm. We have had our kitty, Penny, for a month now, and we are both incredibly attached to her already. Also, this past weekend, we threw a big fun party to say thanks to everyone for helping us out this year. It was a success, and really great to have everyone come and hang out. Thanks again, everybody!

Since I didn't get much sleep last night, and I should probably be working, the rest of this post will be all photos. Enjoy!

This is the new house! It's cute and I am planning on developing a green thumb and plant some flowers and bushes in the front yard.

This is the living room with our new couches. Our other furniture was way too big for the living room, so we lucked up on this set at The Attic furniture consignment in Tuscaloosa.

This is our deck. Jennings has a big new fancy grill, and I really like sitting at the table under the umbrella. It's hot outside!

Kitchen - it is not very big, but we have made it super functional by adding these open shelves and also these nifty things above the stove:

Next is the dining room. As you can see, Penny has made herself right at home. Oh to be a kitty and sleep all day. Sigh.

We also have a fireplace - how cool!

Next is the guest bedroom and the mater bedroom - forgive my sloppy job on making up our bed! At least the guest bed is nice?

Also, I don't really think people care, but here are the bathrooms:

So now that you've seen the house, consider this everyone;s virtual invitation to come visit. =)

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