Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Katie joined the Weight Watchers Party!

So this past weekend I was down in Mobile because Jennings was the best man in his friend's wedding, so we stayed with my sister. For many months now, she and I have been talking about Weight Watchers. I have been telling her about my progress and encouraging her to start, but she just needed a little extra push.

So on Saturday, without much warning, I told her that she and I had to run an errand. I drove her to the Weight Watchers meeting place that is just minutes from her house and signed her up! I have to say, she is a trooper for letting me bombard her like that. I am very excited for her to go on this journey with me. So if you know her or are friends with her on Facebook, send her some encouraging words!

So here are the numbers from this week's weigh-in for me:

Weight: 151.3 pounds
Pounds lost this week: -.2
Total pounds lost: 10.8 pounds
Pounds to lose: 31.2 pounds

It is a small loss, but a loss nonetheless. I did end up eating Chinese buffet basically twice this weekend (the wedding rehearsal dinner and the wedding food was Chinese because of the bride's heritage), so I am still going to count this in the "win" category.

I do have a challenge this week because our karate instructor is out of town this week on a trip to Costa Rica, so I am going to have to find some other ways to get in some activity points to keep up my progress.

Wish me luck!


  1. thank you again sis for pushing me on this journey! I just needed a swift kick to the ole' butt and you sure did give me that! Just kidding! I love you and you are my inspiration. I am going on day 5 now...cooked my first full WW meal tonite, even Jimmy ate. So far so good! I also added measurements to my profile and started researching more recipes. I have to say, it's not as hard as I thought. And it makes me feel accountable. I have only swam the one day this week but plan on doing it again tomorrow morning before work. I have my first weigh in on Saturday, I'll let you know how it goes!!! Love you:)

  2. Kate, that's great that Jimmy ate your first WW meal - I told you he would eat it! Also, I love the measurements feature on the e-tools. Sometimes you might have days where the scale doesn't change much, but you will see those numbers change and it will be awesome. I only do the measurements like once a month, not every week. Can't wait to hear from you Saturday =)