Friday, September 21, 2012

Down 15 pounds! Can't beleive it!

So yesterday at WW, I got to get a little 5 pound sticker and everyone clapped. it was AWESOME. Here are the numbers:

Weight: 146.4 pounds
Pounds lost this week: -1
Total pounds lost: 15.6 pounds
Pounds to lose: 21.4 pounds

You'll notice that the "pounds to lose" number has shrunk significantly. That's not because I have been making outstanding progress, it's because I have revised my goal weight. I had originally thought I'd want to get down to 120, but now I'm thinking a more reasonable goal is 125. Healthy weight would just be 130, so 125 is in that range. I realize that the last time I was 120, I had a significantly smaller chest and almost no muscles (sorry, TMI), so I'm ok with changing my goal number.

In other news, school is driving me crazy and work is incredibly hectic. When I have another moment to breathe, I may update about that. But for now, I just wanted to share this happy moment.

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  1. i'm so proud of you....having some issues right now with stress which makes me want to eat bad...but monday starts a new week so I hope to get back on the wagon and get away from these bad cravings. They only thing that's saved me this week is we went to Bham friday for our 'gung ho' field day thing which was 3 hours in the sun, volleyball and relay may save me but like i said starting fresh monday!! I have GOT to stay motivated!