Monday, October 8, 2012

The Color Run!

Hi everyone,

As promised, here are photos from The Color Run this past Saturday in Tuscaloosa. If any of you are looking to take the leap to doing a 5k, this one is definitely the one to start with. Dubbed "the happiest 5k on earth," the race was less about what your time was and more about having a good time. Originally I was slated to be on the Pink Box Burlesque team, but unfortunately several of the members had to drop out because they got food poisoning - yuck! (They are all ok now, fortunately.) But we still ended up having a pretty good group.

Here is "before" shot - all clean and white and pretty:

Then, 5k later, and "colorfied":

Here's some more of the group we ran with:

At the end of the race, everyone gets their own color packet and throws them up in the air together in a big cloud of color. They did it a few times for the late stragglers. This was probably my favorite part:

So that's how I spent my Saturday this weekend, how did your spend yours?

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