Thursday, January 10, 2013

Winding down the week, gearing up for the weekend

Since I last wrote, I had another small gain, and then a loss, so I am approaching my 10 percent goal (again). It is a little frustrating to take one step forward and two steps back (literally), but I know that this whole thing is a journey and a process, and I am still learning it -  9 months into it. So here are the numbers:

Weight: 146.8 pounds
Pounds lost (since last post): -.4
Total pounds lost: 15.2 pounds
Pounds to lose: 21.8 pounds

Two things helped me with a loss this week: i actually tracked my food (even when it meant i went over my points) and I started back to karate. i had not been since September, so it was good to get back. I hope I can get myself in a position to where I can actually compete at winter camp and not be totally embarrassed. I plan to stick with karate and do some more activity, and I know as long as I stick to it, I should see the results at the scale.

In other news, this weekend I will be embarking on a little blast from the past adventure. Yes, I am resurrecting my houndstooth cookie skills and will be making 16 dozen of these babies for a nice lady in Huntsville:

I have enlisted some help this time, and have also discovered some new decorating techniques that should help me do some more of them more quickly. I have been in the process of shutting down blue Bird Baskets by selling off my supplies, and in the meantime I had an email from this lady who wanted some of these cookies for her son's bar mitzfah. I normally would have said no, but I thought - why not go out with a bang?

So this will be my official last order in the basket business. I hope they turn out the way i want them to and that they will be the hit of the party. I may take some photos of the process and do a final blog post on my other blog,, so stay tuned!

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